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The Manta International Moth

This boat has been the focus of our company for the best part of one year; it is through research and continuos refinement that we managed to get it to the level it is at today. 

The boat is a high modulus - prepreg-nomex construction making it one of the lightest boats on the market with a complete platform weight (rigged hull, gantry, bowsprit assembly) of 22kgs. Below are some of its ky features. 

CFD Develoed Hull and Appendages

The boat is a single unique organic shape; the fairing and the gantry have also been designed following the same idea, creating an extremely streamlined platform.  The sandwich construction of the gantry also allows it to be lighter and stiffer than usual.

Below Deck Ropework

To further maximize the efficiency of the baot all the rope work has been designed to be hidden inside the wings and below the fairing; this means the only ropes you'll ever see are the ones just next to you.

Raking and Canting System

The boat can be fitted with a canting and/or raking system, at any sailor's pleasure. Such systems have been shown to give an extra edge while racing, but this does vary from individual to individual.

3D Printed Gearing Assembly

Some pieces in the gearing assembly are 3D printed; this makes them easily replaceable and upgradable.

Custom Carbon & Titanium control systems

This allows for a rigid and lighweight drive from the wand to the flap. The tight tolerance in the titanium connections minimize any play in the entire transmission.

3D Printed Centreboard Inserts

The aim here was to create a future proof platform that allows a sailor to easily change foils to his/her preference. The Carbon-Nylon filament used to print such parts allows for a stiff and tight connection between the platform and any foil.

If you want more information on the boat, for example lead time and pricing, be sure to send us a message.

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